New Tech Meetup of Central PA - February

Andrew Brown, Kevin Langdon, and Bryan Langdon will talk about about their experience building the Play Impossible Gameball (playimpossible.com), a self-created hardware product, and how that impacted the process of the startup. They'll cover the successes they had, along with failures along the way- from winning CES's "Last Gadget Standing" and being sold exclusively in Apple retail stores, down to all of the unforeseen circumstances to some of those deals, like handing away full marketing control, and localization costs. Jonathan Wheat will review his project VenüDesk, an adaptive conference management software that facilitates the collection and organization of information, streamlining the conference planning life cycle. Think TurboTax for conference planning. The system adapts as you enter data, exposing only the functions you need to organize your conference. Assign roles and delegate tasks. Everything is streamlined from venue setup to scheduling, registration to evaluations, we cover it all. Set goals and monitor those goals from a KPI dashboard. Everything is published to a conference site, and live synced to a mobile application for your attendees.


Harrisburg University

326 Market Street Room 1302 Harrisburg PA 17101

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