Pennsylvania Innovation Summit

At the Pennsylvania Innovation Summit, you’ll learn first hand from companies who have jump started the innovative and creative process for their company and employees; how these top-notch companies are innovating successfully; what and how they plan for future growth with the innovations they have invented; how they allocate the employees and resources to keep up with their creative process; and best practices they follow to ensure that the innovative spirit is never lost. All revolutionary innovations begin with that first great idea that solves a business problem, fills a customer need, or even leads to a complete repositioning of a company’s mission. True innovation can lead to new opportunities, new markets, business growth and profitability—so why do some companies struggle to innovate, invent and create? Come find out the answer to this question and so many more, at the Pennsylvania Innovation Summit. Register today!


Sheraton Harrisburg-Hershey

4650 Lindle Road Harrisburg PA 17111

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