#SheOwnsIt Seminar #3: Triple Bottom Line

The #SheOwnsIt Seminar Series convenes women entrepreneurs and leaders to build a stronger community of support and enhance the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Lancaster. The seminar series will feature time for networking with peers, thought-provoking breakout sessions, light refreshments, and lectures from experts in the community. Join expert speaker Crystal Weaver and woman owned business speaker Timbrel Chyatee, Owner of Lush Bazar, as they discuss the triple bottom line. More than ever before, successful businesses are considering factors beyond simply making a profit. Entrepreneurs and business leaders who look at the “triple bottom line” of People, Planet, and Profit are seeing higher retention rates among employees, stronger customer connections, and more overall resiliency. With over 40 social enterprises and 18 Certified B Corporation, Lancaster is already a nationwide leader in creating an ecosystem for triple bottom line businesses. This session will help entrepreneurs consider how they can use their business for good, maximizing positive community and environmental impact, alongside profits.


ASPIRE Ventures

100 North Queen Street, #300 Lancaster PA 17603

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