Public Accelerator

You have an early stage startup and need to develop and execute the next steps.

We have resources to advance your early stage startup towards a minimum viable product (MVP) and to guide you in the business planning and execution process.

Public Accelerator

Open to Early Stage Startups.

Do you have an idea and a need for expertise around how to turn it into a viable startup?

We bridge the gap.

We invest in the earliest stage of a company's lifecycle and guide entrepreneurs as they validate and iterate into viable businesses. We make this investment in time, design and devlelopment services, and access to mentors and capital.


In three rigorous months, our practitioners come alongside startup teams to develop a tangible offering. We do this through: 

Solution Validation

Understand your product or service, how it fills a pressing need and how the business model works.

Build Resources

Technical development resources to support a prototype build. We get you to a minimum viable product (MVP) so you can launch.

Launch Support

Determine an appropriate path to market and a strategy to launch your business.


Connections to valuable resources - time, talent, mentorship and expertise.


  • At least 2 co-founders. typically with complementary backgrounds  
    • 1 Technical Lead
    • 1 Creative Design
  • Who've done their homework

    A well-articulated problem or opportunity space that your solution fits into is key to launching into user and market validation and product development activities central to the accelerator programming. The Catamaran Accelerator program follows a think/do framework, with a bias to action, fast failure and iteration. As much ideation as you can do prior to applying, the more rapidly we can assist you in bringing your solution to life.

  • You don't have to be a tech company
  • Intrapreneurs?

    We can help with that too. We welcome enterprise partners to send an employee team to accelerate a business opportunity or we can explore bringing this offering to you through our ITA program. Innovating inside a large organization? Let us know


  1. Office space
  3. Andculture design and development services
  5. Mentorship
  7. Access to the Catamaran network
  9. Opportunity to advance to Catamaran Incubator


  1. Quit your day job

    Your side hustle now becomes your full-time. Participation in the Catamaran Accelerator requires full-time commitment from at least 2 people. The first term is January 2018 - March 2018.

  2. Equity
  3. 3% that goes into the Catamaran Foundation. When one company wins, all companies win. The Catamaran Foundation distributes earnings from the 3% equity across cohort companies and a grant fund to continue supporting the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Central PA.

January 2018 cohort is currently underway. Meet the founders.

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