Early stage startups looking to advance their business? We're here to help.

We have resources to advance your early stage startup towards a minimum viable product (MVP) and to guide you in the business planning and execution process.

Public Accelerator

Applications for the Fall 2019 cohort are now open! The Fall 2019 cohort will run from September 9 to December 12, 2019.

Timeline for Fall 2019: 

June 7 - Deadline to submit applications for consideration in cohort 3

June 24-28 - Interviews with finalists 

July 22 - 26 - Admission notifications sent 

August 16 - Cohort 3 Orientation 

September 9 - Cohort 3 begins 

Ready to set sail? apply here

The accelerator is a 3 month program. Cohorts are currently running two times a year. We recommend meeting with the Catamaran team during office hours held every Monday to learn more about the program and get an individual assessment on whether your company might be a good fit. Check out our events page to book an office hours appointment or reach out at [email protected] Applications for the accelerator program are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Open to Early Stage Startups.

Do you have an idea and a need for expertise around how to turn it into a viable startup?

We bridge the gap.

We invest in the earliest stage of a company's lifecycle and guide entrepreneurs as they validate and iterate into viable businesses. We make this investment in time, design and development services, and access to mentors and capital.


The accelerator is the first stop in testing a new idea. Catamaran provides training, design, engineering, strategy, business consultation, and mentoring for entrepreneurs to gain traction with customers.


Catamaran wants startups who've done their homework and recognize a problem or opportunity space that their solution fits into. We are looking for at least 2 co-founders, typically with complimentary backgrounds (technical lead and creative design) who are in the idea-phase of their company with the ability to commit to the accelerator on a full time basis. Their startup does have to be a for-profit entity that is legally formed by the time they join the accelerator.

Learn more about our alumni who have gone through the Accelerator

We can help with that too. We welcome enterprise partners to send an employee team to accelerate a business opportunity or we can explore bringing this offering to you through our Innovation Transfer Acceleration program. Innovating inside a large organization? LET US KNOW


1. Design and engineering services

2. Office space

3. Mentorship, workshops and hands-on business consultation

4. Access to Catamaran network of RESOURCES

5. Opportunity to advance to Catamaran incubator


The building blocks for our program are:

Launch Support

Determine an appropriate path to market and a strategy to launch your business.


Connections to valuable resources - time, talent, mentorship and expertise.

Solution Validation

Understand your product or service, how it fills a pressing need and how the business model works.

Build Resources

Technical development resources to support a prototype build. We get you to a minimum viable product (MVP) so you can launch.


Equity: 3% that goes into the Catamaran Foundation. When one company wins, all companies win. The Catamaran Foundation distributes earnings from the 3% equity across cohort companies and a grant fund to continue supporting the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Central Pennsylvania.


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Our multidisciplinary team is built around three core competencies: Design, Strategy and Engineering. We don't just think up ideas, we bring them to life.

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