Catamaran Alumni

Catamaran Alumni

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Current Cohort

Cope Mosaic

A platform providing information and guidance for those who have lost a loved one and need assistance navigating the deceased settlement process.

A wellness and gardening service that takes the time and guesswork out of planning and maintaining a customized green space through regular deliveries of plants and related products.

An application aimed at addressing the labor shortage problem in the construction industry by helping contractors find quality subcontractors and subcontractors to keep their schedules full.

Thank you to Nell McCormack with Nell McCormack Abom Communications for serving as a media relations expert and public relations consultant to Catamaran's cohorts as of September 2018. 

Spring 2018 Cohort


A subscription based delivery service that brings custom curated products and resources to fathers to assist in creating meaningful and memorable connections with their children. 

A platform that helps seniors live independently through a fun, active, community-based health improvement program, aimed at decreasing the cost of dementia care by reducing the risk factors that lead to cognitive decline. 

An online portfolio platform for young, creative entrepreneurs to showcase their 21st-century skills. 

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