We guide entrepreneurs with digital technology solutions into viable businesses.

Facilitating a tightly-knit, vibrant, and dynamic community of flourishing startups supported by meaningful mentorship and ancillary services that leads to positive economic development in Central Pennsylvania.

Hear from the Central Pennsylvania business Community how vital a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem is to the future of our economy and how Catamaran is playing our part.


Promote, Connect, Support

To support local entrepreneurs building new technology ventures in order to bolster a smart, creative, and dynamic local economy. We provide entrepreneurs with access to resources and connections to valuable mentors, expertise, and funding sources. 



Live, Work, Stay

Our vision is to support and co-create a vibrant entrepreteurial economy here in Central PA through business accelerator programming. We will create a collaborative, dynamic and productive local economy where smart creative people want to live, work, and stay. 

Catamaran Is Powered By the Folks at Andculture

Our multidisciplinary team is built around three core competencies: Design, Strategy and Engineering. We don't just think up ideas, we bring them to life.

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